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How to use this OCR tool?

We are going to discuss that how you can use this Online OCR tool to extract text from images:

  • Drag and drop to the specified field
  • Or you can also upload a file from your device
  • Click on the submit button
  • You’ll get the editable text
  • You can copy the text or download it as a docx or .txt file.

Image to text converter is an AI-based image to text converter that converts image into text with great accuracy. Using this tool is as simple as uploading the image and copying the text. With this picture to text converter, you can convert image to text at one click and its totally free.

What is an image to text converter?

The image to text converter is an online tool used to extract the text from images. It compares the objects presented in the image with the objects in the tool's database at microscopic level. uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for comparison. Its core recognition program is powered by two of the best machine learning libraries TensorFlow and Scikit-learn.



Extracts data from structured docs


A template is used to target extraction points



Extracts data structured docs with some variations


ML is used to help fit documents into a template soan OCR can process it


Intelligent Data Processing

Extracts information from unstructured docs and images


ML finds, extracts, and cleans extraction points (template -free)

There were the times when we needed to retrieve data from the images and the process of writing every word from an image was a hectic task. Image to text converter is developed as a solution to this problem. All you need to do is upload the specified image, and this photo to text converter will convert it to text in a matter of seconds.

Why do we need the image to text converter?

Using an OCR online tool for image to text conversion improves the process of automation. It makes our tasks more hassle-free as well as error-free. The tool will help decrease your efforts and increase your productivity especially when you have to convert bulk images to text. The good thing about is that you can convert photos to text by just uploading the image with a single click. This image to word tool provides a simple interface for converting image to text. Credit should be given where it’s due, our dedicated team of developers did an outstanding job by developing the recognition algorithms to achieve 100% accuracy.

How does Image to text converter work?

In terms of the technology used in this tool, OCR and machine learning are employed to convert images to text. OCR stands for optical character recognition and it works by identifying the objects (characters) in an image using optical technology. Whether it's a computer-printed document or handwritten paper, OCR can read it especially when it's working together with the AI. You can upload your image or drag and drop the image. It automatically converts the image into text when you upload it.


Why this online OCR tool?

Hundreds of OCR tools are available on the internet, but some noticeable features set this tool apart from others.

Below are the prominent features of this tool:

Free of cost


Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Supports multiple languages


Text can be downloaded


Multiple picture format


Security assurance


Maximum Accuracy


Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Because of the AI integration in the image to text converter, the tool is extremely accurate. The machine learning algorithm helps this online OCR tool to correctly recognize poorly written text because it facilitates a better understanding of the object. The AI-based image to text converter is always a better option for converting handwritten assignments into digital format as well as converting old printed documents into editable formats.

Download OCR App

Now you can download our image to text OCR App on Android & IOS devices. Simple click on Google Play & Apple Store button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert images to text free?

image image's online image to text converter lets you easily transform any image into text without paying for it. All you have to do is upload the image and copy the text.

How do I convert a picture to normal text?

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If your picture has some text and you want to copy this text, an image to text converter tool is helpful in this scenario. It will instantly convert the image into text with better accuracy.

How do I extract text from a screenshot?

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Go to Upload the screenshot once you have taken it. It will convert it to text automatically.  Then you can copy or download on your device.

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