11 Important Uses of OCR Tool that Help you in daily life

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Imagine a world without any technology!

 Can we survive even a single day without the tools that cast an overarching effect on our lives?

We have been reaping the benefits of these tools for an infinite time. Starting from the wheel to the steam engine, these inventions watermarked our history.

Such a tool that revolutionized our lives and changed our perspectives is the OCR tool.

We have been using online OCR Tools for quite a time.

Read the article if you want to know its uses in your daily life.

What does OCR mean?

Unweaving the word, the OCR means Optical Character Recognition. Let’s discuss it word by word.

Optical means related to lens, and character recognition means to recognize language characters.

Together it means a tool that recognizes characters written in any language through some optical phenomena.

You may get confused about this meaning, so let's define it.

How to define OCR?

OCR is defined as a tool that scans text from images and extracts that text into a digital copy. The digital text can be edited and distributed easily.

Moreover, you can also convert handwritten text into standard digital form. It is also called an image-to-text converter.

Modern image to text tools use artificial intelligence to optimize their working.

OCR Working

How is OCR helping us in our lives?

It has a multitude of benefits in our daily lives and we have been using it since its inception.

1. Signature identification:

If you had been to a bank, you would probably know that you are asked to sign your cheque to get the transactions done. They capture your signature and compare its pattern with their database.

If your signature matches, you are given a go-ahead. This shows how OCR is trying to keep your finances secure from fraud.

2. Passport identification on immigration:

Millions of people travel across the world in a single day. You cannot enter any other without proper documentation.

Each country has its own immigration department that checks your credentials before allowing you to enter or leave their country.

The officers serving in immigration departments use OCR devices to scan your passport and check they have your data and then allow you.

These checks and balances are important to curb any impending security threat.

3. Aid the blind:

OCR tools can help blind people understand the content easily. Blind people, being not able to see, can use these tools to hear the written text.

These tools recognize the characters and use different speech readers to convert text to speech. Therefore, special children educational institutes use these tools to teach these visually impaired children.

4. Create a business database:

An Ocr tool is very helpful for a business that wants to digitalize its database. As you know every business has to deal with a lot of documents. They have to store, index, retrieve, and send files.

Therefore, an online database helps a lot because it is cost-effective, occupies less space, and is swift.

5. Educational purposes:

You can use OCR to create a digital library of books and important publications. Moreover, you can scan historical and ancient books that are smeared and prone to wear and tear.

In this way, you can save knowledge from being wasted.

6. Marketing of products:

Nowadays, FMCGs are using new marketing techniques to engage their customers.

These companies offer different promotions and ask the customers to buy products scan the code written on them with special Ocr apps and get promotional prizes.

7. Edit and send documents:

One of the most common benefits of Ocr is that we can edit hand-written text and send it to others without rewriting the text again. This use saves our time and effort.

8. Language translation:

It is a very unique feature of the Ocr tool. You can use an Ocr tool to scan documents and convert them into your specified language.

 This process is done by first adding dictionaries of different languages into the tool so that it recognizes all fonts.

9. In governmental work:

Ocr has changed every industry and has impacted govt services. Governments have to deal with a lot of paperwork in different departments that also decreases their efficiency.

 As a result, we see red tape in every department. But, now things are changing, as govts are using Ocr technologies at an increasing speed.

Online voting system and utility billing is an example of OCR technology.

10.Hospital database:

Nowadays, hospitals are trying to upgrade their data through OCR. It helps in analyzing a handful of data related to the medical sector.

Doctors can know their patient's history, diagnosis, and payments by using Ocr. This will help to create a database for the healthcare system.

11.Automated stores:

Nowadays, shopping malls, grocery stores, and other utility stores have installed OCR machines.

You can buy anything through your mobile phone internet banking and scan your IDs with an OCR machine to pay the money.

Thus OCR helps a lot in streamlining your shopping in lesser time.

Wrapping Up:

An OCR is a very important tool that has a great impact on our lives. It is making our life easy in many ways. I have added some of the important uses of OCR in our daily life.

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